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**Safe links**: When this setting is active, the link in your browser’s address bar does not provide access to the document unless the recipient already has it in their CryptDrive. This setting is active by default. It is highly recommended to keep it active and to use the :ref:`share` menu to copy links to documents.
CryptPad includes the keys to decrypt your documents in their links. Anyone with access to your browsing history can potentially read your data. This includes intrusive browser extensions and browsers that sync your history across devices. Situations where your browser is visible by others, such as screen-sharing or screenshots, are also potentially risky in terms of leaking access to your documents. Enabling “safe links” prevents the keys from entering your browsing history or being displayed in your address bar whenever possible.
**Feedback**: CryptPad can send anonymised usage feedback to the server in order to improve the user experience. The content of documents is never shared. This option is disabled by default.
**Color theme**: determines the theme (light or dark) used across CryptPad. By default this follows the operating system and/or browser setting, but it can also be set manually.
**Tips**: Help messages in the CryptPad interface. Click on **Reset** to display them again if they have been dismissed.
**Duplicated owned pads**: When you move your owned pads to a shared folder, a copy is kept in your CryptDrive to ensure that you retain your control over it. You can hide duplicated files. Only the shared version will be visible, unless deleted, in which case the original will be displayed in its previous location.
**Thumbnails**: To help navigating the CryptDrive in :ref:`grid mode <drive_display>`, CryptPad can create thumbnails of documents and store them in the browser. This option is turned off by default because it can slow down the browser on less powerful computers. The **Clean** button deletes all existing thumbnails.
**Backup**: Two types of backups are available.
**Backup** only saves the keys of documents in the CryptDrive, not their content. This option is designed to save access to documents and **Restore** it in another session.



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