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To include images from the CryptDrive or to upload new ones, use the |picture-o| **Insert** menu. This menu inserts a ``media-tag`` element that is more complex than Markdown image syntax but is managed automatically.
Known caveats
No unique usernames
Neither the :ref:`account name <user_settings_account>` nor the :ref:`display name <user_settings_account>` is unique in CryptPad. This means that you cannot trust usernames to identify people. Instead, :ref:`identify your contact <verifying_contacts>` via their public keys.
Edit rights in teams
Team members with edit access to a teams drive may share this access to other users both inside and outside the team. Team members may even convert folders into :ref:`shared folders <shared_folders>` and delegate their access to anybody they want.
You therefore have to be careful with whom you grant edit rights. You may also want to
set the :ref:`role <team_roles_and_permissions>` of a member to viewer and selectively share edit rights to this person.
use :ref:`access lists <access_list>` to limit the access to a file to specific contacts.
Access of former team members
The team communication is encrypted with static keys. This implies that a former team member still has the keys. A former team member can therefore potentially decrypt team messages and can also keep the same access to the team's document as before. However, this requires to modify the client source code as the official one does neither store the keys nor decrypt any messages of a team which the user is not part of.



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