It is recommended to review the <a>checkup</a> page to confirm that this instance is configured correctly.
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Debug data
Account debugging information
The following information is included in support tickets you submit. None of it allows administrators to access or decrypt your documents. This information is encrypted such that only administrators can read it.
Internal server error
The server has been updated with the new setting. Please use the <b>Flush Cache</b> button to ensure this change becomes visible to all users.
It is recommended to review the <a>checkup</a> page to confirm that this instance is configured correctly.
Use the following fields to describe your instance. This information is used on the instance front page. It is also sent as part of the server telemetry if you opt in to be included in the list of public CryptPad instances.
See the 'Network' tab for more details.
Measure disk performance
If enabled, a JSON API endpoint will be exposed under <code>/api/profiling</code>. This keeps a running measurement of disk I/O within the time window set below. This setting can impact server performance and may reveal sensitive data. It is recommended that you leave this setting disabled unless you know what you are doing.
Disk performance measurement window
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Do not allow any new users to register
Не позволять новым пользователям регистрироваться
Close registration
Закрыть регистрацию
CryptPad's development is partially funded by public grants and donations. Advertizing our crowdfunding efforts on your instance help the developers to continue improving the platform for everybody, but you may disable these notices if you find them inappropriate.
Разработка CryptPad частично финансируется за счет публичных грантов и пожертвований. Реклама наших краудфандинговых усилий на Вашем экземпляре поможет разработчикам продолжать улучшать платформу для всех, но Вы можете отключить эти уведомления, если сочтете их неуместными.
Do not advertize crowdfunding campaigns
Не рекламируйте краудфандинговые кампании
Crowdfunding participation
Участие в краудфандинге
It is recommended to review the <a>checkup</a> page to confirm that this instance is configured correctly.
Set duration
Set limit
Задать лимит
Set custom limits for users by using their public key. You can update or remove an existing limit.
Настройте индивидуальные ограничения для пользователей через их открытые ключи. Вы можете обновить или удалить существующий лимит.
Apply a custom limit
Применить индивидуальный лимит


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