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You can do that if you want, but it won't be sent to our server.
U kunt dat doen als u ervoor kiest, maar het zal niet naar onze server worden verzonden.
You won't be able to reset your password using your email as you can with many other services.
U zult uw wachtwoord niet kunnen veranderen d.m.v. uw email, zoals bij veel andere diensten.
If you understand and would like to use your email for your username anyway, click OK.
Als u dit begrijpt en alsnog uw email wilt gebruiken als gebruikersnaam, klik dan OK.
Import documents from your guest session
Importeer documenten van uw ongeregistreerde sessie
Creating a new account on {0}
You must accept the terms of service.
U moet akkoord gaan met de gebruikersvoorwaarden.
<ul class="cp-notes-list"><li>Your password is the secret key that encrypts all of your documents. <span class="red">If you lose it there is no way we can recover your data.</span></li><li>If you are using a shared computer, <span class="red">remember to log out</span> when you are done. Only closing the browser window leaves your account exposed. </li><li>To keep the documents you created and/or stored without being logged in, tick "Import documents from your guest session". </li></ul>
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Passwords must be at least {0} characters long.
Wachtwoorden moeten ten minste {0} tekenen lang zijn.


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