Download my CryptDrive
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Backup or restore all your CryptDrive's content. It won't contain the content of your documents, just the keys to access them.
Download all the documents in your drive. Documents will be downloaded in formats readable by other applications when such a format is available. When such a format is not available, documents will be downloaded in a format readable by CryptPad.
Download my CryptDrive
Last ned min CryptDrive
This will download all the documents and files from your CryptDrive. If you want to continue, pick a name and press OK
Straks i gang med å laste ned alle filer og dokumenter fra din CryptDrive. Velg et filnavn og trykk «OK».
Export your CryptDrive
Eksporter din CryptDrive
Please wait while we're downloading and decrypting your documents. This may take a few minutes. Closing the tab will interrupt the process.
Vent mens dokumentene dine lastes ned og dekrypteres. Lukker du fanen vil du avbryte nedlastingen.
If a document requires more than 1 minute to be downloaded, it won't be included in the export. A link to any document that has not been exported will be displayed.
Note: this tool is still in a beta version and it might have scalability issues. For better performance, it is recommended to leave this tab focused.
Merk: denne funksjonen er beta og muligens ustabil. Det anbefales at du beholder denne fanen i fokus.



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Download my CryptDrive
Last ned min CryptDrive
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