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Consent to contact
Server telemetry includes the admin contact email so that the developers can notify you of serious problems with the software or your configuration. It will never be shared, sold, or used for marketing purposes. Consent to contact if you'd like to be informed of critical issues in your server.
I consent
List my instance in public directories
If your instance is suitable for public use you may consent to be listed in web directories. Server telemetry must be enabled for this to have any effect.
List this instance
Crowdfunding participation
CryptPad's development is partially funded by public grants and donations. Advertizing our crowdfunding efforts on your instance help the developers to continue improving the platform for everybody, but you may disable these notices if you find them inappropriate.
Do not advertize crowdfunding campaigns
Server telemetry
CryptPad instances send a message to the developers' server when launched and once per day thereafter. This lets them keep track of how many servers are running which versions of the software. You can opt-out of this measurement below. The contents of this message can be found in the application server's log for your review.


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