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<p>CryptPad has been supported since 2016 by French and European research grants such as BPI France, NLNet Foundation, NGI Trust, Mozilla Open Source Support, as well as donations and subscriptions to We believe that public money should fund public code, so the service is fully open source. This means anyone can use, host, and modify the software.</p><p>CryptPad does not profit from user data. This is part of a vision for online services that respect privacy. Unlike the big platforms that pretend to be "free" while making profits from personal information, CryptPad aims to build a sustainable model funded willingly by users.</p><p>We offer CryptPad's functionality for free because we believe everyone deserves personal privacy, not just people with disposable income. If you are in a position to support the project, you will contribute new features, improvements and maintenance that benefit all users.</p><p>Now that the feasibility of the project has been established, the next goal is to make it financially sustainable through user funding. If you would like to support CryptPad and help make it a sustainable alternative to the big platforms, please consider making a one-time or recurring donation.</p>
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<p>CryptPad is made at <a>XWiki</a>, a company based in Paris, France that has been making open-source software for over 15 years. We have extensive experience making collaborative software to organize information. Our track record shows we are committed to the long-term development and maintenance of CryptPad.</p>
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CryptPad stores parts of your documents in your browser's memory in order to save network usage and improve loading times. You can disable the cache if your device doesn't have a lot of free storage space. For security reasons, the cache is always cleared when you log out, but you can clear it manually if you want to reclaim storage space on your machine.
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