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<ul class="cp-notes-list"><li>Your password is the secret key that encrypts all of your documents. <span class="red">If you lose it there is no way we can recover your data.</span></li><li>If you are using a shared computer, <span class="red">remember to log out</span> when you are done. Only closing the browser window leaves your account exposed. </li><li>To keep the documents you created and/or stored without being logged in, tick "Import documents from your guest session". </li></ul>
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Zero Knowledge σημαίνει πως δεν μπορούμε να επαναφέρουμε τον λογαριασμό σας αν χάσετε τον κωδικό σας.
Due to the encrypted nature of CryptPad, the service administrators will not be able to recover data in case you forget your username and/or password. Please save them in a safe place.


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