Enable cache on this device
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This will download all the documents and files from your CryptDrive. If you want to continue, pick a name and press OK
Això descarregarà tots els documents i fitxers des del vostre CryptDrive. Si voleu continuar, seleccioneu un nom i premeu D'acord
Còpia de seguretat
Backup or restore all your CryptDrive's content. It won't contain the content of your documents, just the keys to access them.
Deseu o recupereu tot el contingut del vostre CryptDrive. No es desarà el contingut dels vostres documents, només les claus per accedir-hi.
Download all the documents in your drive. Documents will be downloaded in formats readable by other applications when such a format is available. When such a format is not available, documents will be downloaded in a format readable by CryptPad.
Descarregueu tots els documents. a la vostra unitat. Els documents es descarregaran en un format llegible per altres aplicacions sempre que el format estigui disponible. Quan el format no estigui disponible, els documents es descarregaran en un format llegible per CryptPad.
Clear existing cache
Enable cache on this device
CryptPad stores parts of your documents in your browser's memory in order to save network usage and improve loading times. You can disable the cache if your device doesn't have a lot of free storage space. For security reasons, the cache is always cleared when you log out, but you can clear it manually if you want to reclaim storage space on your machine.


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