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You can do that if you want, but it won't be sent to our server.
Podeu continuar, però aquestes dades no són necessàries i no s'enviaran al nostre servidor.
You won't be able to reset your password using your email as you can with many other services.
No podreu restablir la vostra contrasenya utilitzant la vostra adreça electrònica, com en molts altres serveis.
If you understand and would like to use your email for your username anyway, click OK.
Si això us ha quedat clar i voleu seguir utilitzant la vostra adreça electrònica com identificador, cliqueu D'acord.
Import documents from your guest session
Importa documents de la vostra sessió no registrada
Creating a new account on {0}
You must accept the terms of service.
Cal que accepteu les condicions del servei.
<ul class="cp-notes-list"><li>Your password is the secret key that encrypts all of your documents. <span class="red">If you lose it there is no way we can recover your data.</span></li><li>If you are using a shared computer, <span class="red">remember to log out</span> when you are done. Only closing the browser window leaves your account exposed. </li><li>To keep the documents you created and/or stored without being logged in, tick "Import documents from your guest session". </li></ul>
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Les contrasenyes han de tenir, com a mínim, {0} caràcters.


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