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Extra subscriptions given to other users can be cancelled at any time. The premium advantages will be removed instantly from their account so that you can give this extra subscription to another user.
What about cancelling extra subscriptions I gave to my friends?
You can cancel your subscription on this website, in the "My subscriptions" tab. Please note that you must be logged in on your CryptPad account and use the link on the CryptPad instance you use so that we can detect which subscription is yours.
How can I cancel my subscription?
When you cancel a paid subscription, you will still benefit from the premium plan until the end of the billing period. This means you will still have your premium account until 30 days after the day you paid.
If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my premium plan instantly?
For administrative and security reasons, we can't allow every CryptPad instance to enable subscriptions.<br>The administrators of CryptPad instances have to contact us so that we can allow their domain to communicate with our payment server and share the subscription revenue with them.<br>If subscriptions are not enabled for your account, you can either ask the administrator of your CryptPad to contact us, or you can support the development with donations or non-monetary contributions.
I see a message saying that I'm using a CryptPad instance without premium accounts, what should I do?
When you subscribe to a premium plan, you do it for only <b>1 CryptPad instance</b>.<br>You can check the current CryptPad instance at the top of each page on this website: <em><b>jdoe</b> on <b></b></em>. In this example, it means that every action on this website (subscription, donation, gift, cancelling) is related to the user "jdoe" registered on the domain "".<br>To make sure you're going to subscribe on the correct instance, use the subscription links from the CryptPad you use, located in your Settings or your CryptDrive. You should then see the correct domain on this website.


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