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Account management
How can I manage my premium subscription?
To be able to see your active subscription or give extra subscription to friends, we must be able to authenticate your account. To do so, you have to be logged in on your CryptPad account, and you have to make sure you're connected to the correct CryptPad instance (use the subscription link in your CryptPad settings to connect the correct instance).<br> If you have any difficulties logging in or managing your subscription, contact us at <a href=""></a>.
What should I do if I can't find my CryptPad credentials?
CryptPad is developed in a way that it is impossible for the server to access your documents. To make sure of this, it isn't possible to reset your password, even for us.<br>We can however help you cancel your subscription to make sure you won't pay for an account you can't access. Contact us at <a href=""></a> to solve this type of issue.
Enter a user's public key to give them a subscription. Select one of your contacts to add their key automatically. You can also visit someone's profile to copy their key and paste it here.
Keep the subscription and revert all planned changes.
Keep the subscription and allow renewal again.


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