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Funds from user accounts are invested in CryptPad's development and hosting expenses. If the CryptPad instance is being hosted by a third party, funds are split 50/50 between the server's host and the developers who improve the product.
What is the money from subscription used for?
Three differents plans are available on CryptPad.<br>The <b>Personal</b> plan extends your storage limit to 5 GB.<br>The <b>Standard</b> plan extends your storage limit to 20 GB and grants you 1 free <em>Personal</em> plan for someone else.<br>The <b>Team</b> plan extends your storage limit to 50 GB and grants you 5 extra <em>Personal</em> plans.
What are the different available premium plans?
When your premium plan grants you an extra subscription, it means you can extend the storage limit of another CryptPad user to 5 GB, as if they had subscribed to a <em>Personal</em> plan.
What is an extra subscription from the premium plans?
Every pad displayed in your CryptDrive is stored in the server in an encrypted way, with its entire history. Your storage used is the sum of all these encrypted pads' size, including the size of your CryptDrive and its history. That's why your storage used may not be 0 even if your CryptDrive is empty.
How do you calculate how much storage I'm using?
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