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<p>CryptPad does not profit from user's data. This is part of a vision for online services that respect privacy. Instead of pretending to be "free" like the big platforms, CryptPad aims to build a sustainable model: funded willingly by users instead of making profits from personal information.</p><p>You can support the project by making a one-time or recurring donation through our Open Collective. Our budget is transparent and updates are published regularly. There are also a number of <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">non-financial ways to contribute</a>.</p>
It seems you are currently using the Brave browser. We have received reports of users being unable to confirm the payment form due to strict privacy settings on this browser. If the payment button does not work, you can try with a different browser or contact us with the Support form to find an alternative solution.
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<li><strong>{0}</strong> of shared storage</li><li>1 business day support</li><li>Data Processing Agreement as a PDF download</li>
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Please contact us to discuss your needs and infrastructure
<li>Your own CryptPad instance</li><li>1 business day support for your instance administrators</li><li>Regular updates and maintenance on your schedule</li>


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